How to create a Favorite Library


As a Sales Rep, you can create your own Favorites Library in the d!nk SalesMatik app. With this functionality, you can easily navigate to the publications you use the most. In contrast to the Key Publications, which are set by the Marketing team, this Favorite Library can be personalized per Sales Rep. Such a Favorite Library can lead to this as a result:



Here you can find how to create a Favorite Library yourself:

STEP 1. Open your app and navigate to your librariesmceclip2.png

STEP 2. Click on the 'Favorite' Iconmceclip3.png

STEP 3. Select publication(s) you want to add to your Favorite Library


STEP 4. Click on the 'Favorite' icon again. Confirm that you want to add the publication(s) to your Favorite Library.

STEP 5. The 'Favorite' Icon is now added to your homepage. Click on this icon to open your Favorite Library.

STEP 6. To remove publication(s) from your Favorite Library, click on the 'Favorite' icon.mceclip7.png

STEP 7. Select the publication(s) you want to remove.

STEP 8. Click on the 'Favorite' icon. Confirm that you want to remove the publication(s) from your Favorite Library.

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