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When you have your presentation ready and the only thing left to do is having it translated, you can auto-translate it straight away within our plugin - making sure your lay-out will stay as defined. 

To give our customers the chance to play around and discover the feature and its benefits, each company account gets 100.000 translation characters for free - which is around and about 20.000 words or 250 slides in presentation making language. You can divide the characters amongst the admin users of your enterprise

Want to use more characters, get in touch with our sales team at

You want to get started? Here are the 3 Translate-buttons explained: 

  1. Add/Edit in Dictionary
  2. Remove from Dictionary
  3. Translate

1. Add/Edit in Dictionary

Before you start the translation, you can add words to the company dictionary that should not be translated or that need to be translated into a specific term.

There are 2 options to add a word, you select that word in your presentation and click on the 'Add/Edit in Dictionary'-button or your click on the button straight away and type the word manually in the pop-up that appears. 

After clicking on the button


You will be redirected to your browser to login with your (admin) credentials: 



When we're validating your login, you can still continue to work in PowerPoint - which is what this message tells you: 


Once the validating has been rounded successfully, you will see this confirmation in your browser: 


And a pop-up appears in PowerPoint where you can define the specifics for the word you would like to add: 


2. Remove from Dictionary

Whenever you want to remove a word that you have added to the company dictionary, you can select that word in your presentation: 


And click on the 'Remove from Dictionary'-button:


3. Translate

To get the translation started, you click on the Translate-button:


You will be redirected to your browser to login with your (admin) credentials - unless you already did that shortly before to work with one of the Translation-buttons, see the first part of 1. Add/Edit in Dictionary

After the verification step, the translator will check the slides and make a summary of the words/characters that will be included in the action before a pop-up will become visible.

In the pop-up you can define the current language and the language you want to have it translated to. 


Once you hit the 'Translate Slides'-button the translation will be taken care of for you. The time it will take is mainly dependant on the number of slides and words that need to be treated.
When the translation is completed, you can save your presentation under a new name so that you have both the original and the translated version on your device. 


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