How to use the Filter


The filter application can be used for multiple goals. For example, as a

  1. Product finder - Where different products are displayed, one per slide, and you could really benefit from a filter on the first slide that allows you to select specific products based on the category, attributes,...
  2. Study finder - When you select an indication, a category and any other attribute you've created; you will only see the relevant studies & abstracts that match your criteria.
  3. Reference center finder - To find the correct reference center for a specific procedure.
  4. Video library - To only see the applicable video(s).

To start building the appropriate filter, go to 'Advanced Linking' - 'Filter':

In the pop-up that appears:

You can fill in a Display Label and then start creating your Filter by selecting your first d!nk element in 'Filter 1' and adding any additional filters via the blue '+'.

If you activate the 'Add Table of Contents'-option, you will get an overview of the filtered results based on the entered criteria. Where you can click on each result to see the details of it.
If you don't want to work with the Table of Contents, you can still go to the filtered out results by easily swiping to the next slides where the results will be shown.


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