How to create a Quiz


Apart from creating a Test with our PowerPoint plugin - by activating the Test-checkbox when making the presentation - it is also possible to very easily create a quiz inside the LMS Admin Portal itself. 

In the 'Content' menu, click on '+ Add Content': 



A pop-up will open, where you can select the 'Quiz' functionality:


Below, in the grey area, you can then

  1. Define the title of your quiz
  2. Choose the minimum result needed to pass your test
  3. Create your questions and determine
          • the number of answering options
          • indicate with the bullet the correct answer

At the right hand bottom, you can activate 'Multiple Answers' and whether or not the questions is 'Required'. 


Via the '+ Add New' button you can add as many questions as you want. 
When you're done, you just hit 'Save'. 


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