How to create a simulation using the Calculator


In this example we will show you how easy it is to display the right dosage, on the spot, during your sales meeting.


Above you can see the final result of our Product Dosage Simulator.

We will create a product dosage calculator - so that the sales rep can calculate the exact dosage for a specific customer right on the spot - by inserting these interactive elements:

  1. Hotzone
  2. Questions
  3. Slider rating bar
  4. Calculator 

1. Collect data using the 'Hotzone'

With the select hot zone function, you can place hotzones on top of images. The selected hotzones will change from color and the selection will be registered.

Insert a hotzone indicator to collect data concerning a specific area:


More info and all details about the creation of hotzones you can find right here.

2. Collect data using 'Open question' and 'Multiple choice'

Insert an open question and a multiple choice question to collect the data you need:


More info and all details about the creation of open questions you can find right here. For multiple choice, click here.

3. Collect data using the 'Slider rating bar'

Insert a slider rating bar to collect the relevant number:


More info and all details about the creation of a slider rating bar you can find right here.

4. Calculate the result based on input of interactive elements

With the Calculate Result function you can make calculations from the outcome of your inserted d!nk elements.

Make a calculation, based on the results of the input of different interactive elements:


More info and all details about the usage of the calculator you can find right here.


You can download the PowerPoint of this simulation sales tool right here.

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