Create advanced animations as video in powerpoint


D!nk supports beautiful animations created inside PowerPoint by the use of video, with hidden controls and auto play setting.

Step 1: create the animation in PowerPoint

To have the best outcome, you should change the size of your PowerPoint to the size of your animation. 

Go to 'Design' > 'Slide Size' > 'Custom slide size' 

Next you can add the animation that you'd like to use. For example the "wheel" animation.

Go to 'Animations' > select the drop down button to see all the animations > 'Wheel'


Step 2: save the animation as a video

If you're happy with the result, you can save the animation as a video.

Go to 'File' > 'Save as' > choose ".mp4" 

It could be useful to crop your video to the size of the animations. A good online tool for cropping videos is Ezgif

Step 3: insert the video in your PowerPoint

Go to 'Insert' > 'Video' > choose your video

If you want the video to start automatically than just change this option. 

Select the video in the PowerPoint and go to > 'Playback' > 'Video options' > start 'Automatically' 

Step 4: hide Media Controls of your video

You can hide the controls of your video to make it look more like an animation.

Select the video in the PowerPoint and go to > 'Slide Show' > and un-check 'Show Media Controls'

Finally, create the .dink file of your PowerPoint and upload it to the Portfolio Manager. You've now enabled an unsupported animation in your app!

You can download the final result of the wheel animation video here.

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