How to create libraries


By creating multiple libraries for your enterprise, you can organize all publications very efficiently so that users can easily navigate through them.

To create a new library you click on 'Content' > 'Libraries' in the top menu, 
or on 'Libraries' in the quick overview menu.

Once in the libraries overview you can click on '+ Create new library': 

So that a pop-up opens where you can fill in the name in the first tab + assign the library to the relevant user group(s) in the second tab: 


In the tab 'Assets', you can upload an icon that will be displayed in front of the library name and/or
a background that is displayed behind the collections when the library is opened:


Tips & tricks:
You can use software like Photoshop or Indesign to resize your image to the exact dimension or use a free online tool like this.




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