The Document Generator explained


The Document Generator can be used to create beautiful documents which can be sent to your customers on the spot - during your meeting, while still talking to them. 

Whenever you are using a plugin calculator, order form, survey or any other interactive element in your publication, you can send a document with the results straight away avoiding administrative work afterwards and using the momentum with your customer. 

The output will be gathered immediately in a pre-made template, created specifically for this publication.
In this template the entire lay-out can be personalized; the company logo can be added, legal notices, the location and display of the interactive values can be chosen, the font and coloring can be defined, images can be added,...

There are 2 options: 

  1. The d!nk support team creates the template for you, based on your specifications. 
  2. As enterprise admin, you can create and manage your own template(s) with your PandaDoc account.

Once the Document Generator is setup, this is how it can look like for you: 

During the meeting, you enter the values that are relevant for your customer to show him his personal time saving on the spot: 


When clicking on the 'Submit'-button in the presentation, the result will be sent to my mailbox immediately as a PDF document with some context around the numbers we entered together:






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