Account Hub settings


By clicking on 'Account Hubs' in the top menu of the Portfolio Manager, you can 

  1. define the Account Hub 'Settings
  2. create 'Campaign Messages'
  3. 'Manage Account Hubs' to transfer or delete
  4. edit the 'Messages' templates
  5. customize the customer view in 'Designer'
  6. manage the tracking settings in 'Privacy and Consents


1. Settings 

In the 'Settings' you can configure how publications can be shared by default on enterprise level. 

1/ By switching the slider 'Share new publications' to the left, you switch it off. The sharing of newly uploaded publications will then be disabled and needs to be activated in the publication settings itself, in case of exceptions. 

However, when the sharing is activated you have multiple options in how your content can be shared:

2/ Via the dropdown 'Share by account hub', you can allow sharing from the app by

  • email: publications can only be shared by email

  • Account Hub: publications can only be shared by Account Hub

  • email and Account Hub: publications can be shared by email and Account Hub

On top of this, the documents can be protected with a password that requires a login for that document only.

3/ Additionally, you can set an open or 'Secure login' for the entire Account Hub.

  • Secure: login and password is required to view the Account Hub

  • Open: the Account Hub can be opened without login

4/ In case of a Secure Account Hub, it is possible to set an extra level of security - making sure the password is created by the owner of the email address associated to the Account Hub - by working with the 'User verification code'. In that case a request to the customer will be sent to enter a verification code provided on that mail address.

5/ If an Account Hub should not be shareable by your customer towards another party, it can be disabled by switching the slider to the left.  

When customers receive an invitation to visit the Account Hub, a link with additional information is displayed on the login page. This link you can enter in the field 'Link to more information'.

For compliance, you can enter a general mail address in the field 'Blind copy mailbox' to receive a copy of all sent out Account Hub messages.

As the Account Hub involves tracking of information shared with customers, we advise to inform customers of how this information is used and their privacy is protected. When Customer Consent is activated, customers will have to accept the "Terms of Use" upon first login into the Account Hub. The terms of use can at any time be consulted in the Account Hub.

As mentioned in point 1/ of these Settings details, the general sharing settings can still be switched off on publication or on library level by going to the specific settings:

And opening the tab 'Advanced':

2. Campaign Messages

The Account hub campaign is a message that the content manager creates and makes available to the users of 1 or more user groups. These users will receive a mail that a message is ready to share with customers. They see the message in the Account Hub admin and can then decide to
which Account Hubs they want to push this account hub message.

By clicking on the 'Campaign Messages'-menu, you get an overview of the campaign messages that you have sent - using the filter menu at the left if you have already sent out quite some messages before: 

And you can click on the '+ Create new campaign message'-button to send a new one out.

3. Manage Account Hubs

To transfer Account Hubs to other sales reps or to delete them entirely:


4. Messages

The templates of the messages that are sent to users or customers can all be customized. To do so you go to the menu 'Messages' and click on the one you would like to adjust + 'Edit' underneath the preview that opens:

When editing, you can also work with 'Variables' to tag publications, an image of the sales rep that is sending the message,.... or even to create a download button instead of the link to open documents:


When you click on the 'Variables'-button an options menu will display: 


For the download button, you can add a variable in the URL in the hyperlink you create. 


You can also set a message template per language, by clicking the template you want to change and then scrolling down to select the language you want to adapt. By default, all messages are in English. 


(In my example there are only 4 languages to setup, this depends on the languages you have setup in the 'Settings' > 'Language & region'.)


5. Designer 

In this menu you can customize the customer view of your Account Hubs: 

6. Privacy and Consents

You can manage all tracking settings for your enterprise in the menu 'Privacy'. What would you like to track and should the customer be informed about it:

By activating the option 'Account Hub consent required' an additional button will appear to edit the terms of use. In case you want the Terms of Use to point to a web page, you can delete the provided text and only insert the weblink.


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