Use the testing environment of the Portfolio Manager


With the launch of our Portfolio Manager 3.0, we have added a test environment.

This will give you the opportunity to test out any changes in your enterprise structure or to try out new publications before adding them to your live environment.
By doing the testing in a separate environment you will also make sure that the Analytics of usage and content are clean as a whistle. 

After opening browser Google Chrome,
the live Portfolio Manager can be opened via the link,
the test Portfolio Manager can be opened via the link

The credentials for both environments can be chosen separately. 
Log in with your email address and choose a password with your first log in per environment. 

When successfully entering one of the environments of the Portfolio Manager, you'll see this screen - possibly with another stunning image:

Both environments will function the same. With the only difference: updates or changes in the system will be released to the test environment first and after one week be implemented in the live environment.
Find out here what you can do in the Portfolio Manager.

To test the uploaded publication in the test version of our app you can use these links for installation: 

Or work with our test Web App

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