d!nk portfolio manager release notes


This page lists the detailed functionality included in the dink minor releases.
Please refer to new.dink.eu for the content of our major product releases.

- 10/04/2019 -

Newly added features

Account Hub

  • In the timeline the cover of the relevant publication will be shown
  • Clicking on the enterprise logo, customer name or name of the account hub will bring you to the home page
  • Allow the sharing of Account Hubs can be disabled
  • Daily digest mail on the Account Hub activity


  • On the users interaction graph, it is now possible to click on a date to view the list of publications opened that day
  • On the contents interaction graph, it is now possible to click on a date to view the list of users of that day
  • Graphical improvements in menu and content list
  • Out of the daily statistics, it is now possible to click through to the content, user, library and content

Portfolio Manager

  • When hoovering over icons the name of the functionality will be displayed 
  • Possibility to add tables in 'Communication': newsfeed - launch campaigns - campaign message
  • Uploaded images will be cropped automatically when exceeding the size, for users image - library icon - library background - publication icon - newsfeed message - campaign message

Fixed time wasters

Account Hub

  • Alert mails to sales reps about Account Hub activity by the customer
  • Detailed view per page visit


  • Daily statistics of libraries
  • Display of most used content graph
  • Export to .csv
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