How to create an image slider


In this article we will show you step by step how you can create an image slider that can lead to this as a result:


There are different examples for using an image slider in your presentation. You can: 

  • show the different steps of a process,


  • visualize results,


  • show changes over time or


  • ask a question.


How to start creating this slider?
There 2 main steps:

1. Insert a slider


Create a 'Slider Rating Bar‘. 

To already customize this slider, you can activate the option 'Use Image Slider’ and upload images in the desired style for your handler and slider.

If you activate the setting 'Include Current Slider Value’, it will show the current value on top of the handler:



2. Convert the values to images


Click on 'Convertors' > 'Convert to Image'.

In the ‘Question label’-field you can select the slider you created in step 1.

For each value, you can now select an image. 
In this example we have a slider with 100 values (yes, we got a little overexcited). Therefore we created 100 different images. All images show ten icons, that color a bit more red than the previous one each time:

Image 1:   Picture1.png
Image 2:   Picture2.png
Image 50:  Picture50.png
Image 100: Picture100.png


You can download a PowerPoint with examples of the image slider here.


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