How to create a pop-up effect


In this article we will show you step by step how you can create a pop-up that can lead to this as a result:

A pop-up effect can be useful if you have a lot of extra info that you don't want to put all in one slide. In this way you can show only the main information in your slide, and 'hide' all extra info in pop-ups. The info will only be visible when clicking on the button. If you don't need this info, you can easily skip it.


STEP 1. Create a button


Insert an image or shape in PowerPoint.
By adding some shape effects (‘shadow’, ‘preset’, …) you can make your shape look like a button.



STEP 2. Create a second slide


Make a copy of your slide and paste it at the end of your presentation. Change both arrows next to the slide to ‘red’, to make sure the user can’t swipe to another slide.


Put a transparent colored shape on top of the slide to get a ‘greyed out’ effect.


Put your extra information on top of this colored shape.



STEP 3. Link the two slides to each other

mceclip6.pngInsert a shape (“X”) to ‘close’ your pop-up. Put a hyperlink on this shape to the original slide.


On the original slide, put a hyperlink on the ‘button’ to the slide with the ‘pop-up’.


More info and all details about the creation of a hyperlink, click here.


You can download the PowerPoint of this pop-up effect here.


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