How to create a newsfeed banner


In this article we will show you step by step how you can create a newsfeed banner that can lead to this as a result:


You want to communicate with your sales colleagues on the road? Or you have corporate news you would like to share in the app? Or maybe there's a new set of tips & tricks available about the sales process? You can share all of this in the 'Corporate News'-section of the app.

Adding a banner to your Newfeed message will make the home page of the app visual attractive.


STEP 1. Create a banner in powerpoint


Insert an image or shape in powerpoint.
Make sure it has the right size (500px – 250px).
Save it as image (.png/.jpg/.jpeg).



STEP 2. Create a newsfeed message


Go to the portfolio manager. Go to 'Communication' > 'Newsfeed'.


Click on 'create new message'.


Upload the image that you created in the 'image upload' field.


Fill in the other fields and click 'save and send'.


You can download the PowerPoint with an example of the dink banner here.



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