d!nk Analytics explained


The d!nk Analytics enable you to improve the sales publications that are uploaded in the d!nk app and to coach your users in the usage of the app and content.

You can access them by clicking in the Portfolio Manager on top of the page on 'Analytics':


Here you'll find all data, stored per topic, in the left sidebar: 

  1. Activation - Insights on the adoption and activation level withing the company.

  2. Enterprise - Interaction per user and info on most used content.

  3. Libraries - Interaction on library level.

  4. Contents - Sync status of the content. How is the content used? What is the slide interaction?

  5. Users - Insights per user, up to the version number of the app they have installed.

  6. User Groups - Interaction and content usage per user group.

  7. My statistics - My personal data overview.

  8. Survey Results - All results of the data gathered while sales reps used interactive publications.

  9. Communication Results - Interaction results of the Newsfeed and Notifications, overview of shared Campaign Messages and waterfall statistics of the Launch Campaigns. 

Depending on the chosen enterprise setting of the analytics you may see less options. There are 3 choices available:

  • Detailed = Shows you every detail so that you can monitor the usage on user level with exact details of who opened what and when.  
  • Aggregated = Gives you the overall usage per user but will not allow you to see the exact details of date and hour. 
  • Disabled = Will display the overall usage but with no details of the users, the deepest level will be the user groups.

All data is processed on a daily basis. The reports contain the usage data on the d!nk system with a delay of max 24 hours.


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