Add Custom Buttons to the app


Now that you have your colleagues using d!nk, you can make their lives even better by adding custom buttons to the d!nk app. Via these buttons, they can access other apps or websites straight away by clicking on the relevant button that appears on their homepage: 


How to set it up: 

In the Portfolio Manager you can define them in the 'General settings' > 'App settings' > 'Custom buttons': 


When clicking on "+ Add new button", a pop-up will appear where you can add the details:

  • the 'Name',
  • the 'Destination' that should open after clicking on it and
  • the 'Type' (URL or App)
  • upload the icon that you want displayed on the homepage in the d!nk app


To make sure your colleagues only see the Custom Buttons that are relevant for them, you can define the access on the user group level:


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