How to create publications in portrait mode


When creating publications, it is also possible to create your PowerPoint in the portrait mode. 

The portrait mode can be useful when you want to make a form with plenty of fields on one page,
or when you want to make a publication with many portrait PDF's in overlay.

To create your portrait publication, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open a PowerPoint file and go to 'Design' > 'Slide Size' > 'Custom Slide Size...'


    Set the slide size to the portrait screen of your device. For example for iPad, the optimal size = width 26,34 cm and height 36,13 cm - make sure to respect the 3:4 ratio.


  2. Select the appropriate aspect ratio in the 'General Options' (4:3 in our example) and create your .dink file. The plugin will detect the portrait setting you have chosen earlier.


  3. Upload the publication and check the result in the SalesMatik app. 


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