Define Learning Plans and Knowledge Domains


Navigate to the LMS by using the hyperlink 
or open it via the Portfolio Manager by clicking on the Application Switcher > LMS: 


Open ‘Learning Plans’ in the left navigation bar and click on '+ New plan'


Fill in the name and select the type. There are 2 types: 

  • MATRIX = bundled levels / modules that you can work on in any order
  • FLOW = a structured plan where you have to complete the courses in the defined order

Complete the 'Aim' and 'Duration', upload an image for your plan and click 'Create'.

Still in the Learning Plan view, you can already create your knowledge domains. 
At your right hand side, you can click on '+ New Knowledge Domain'.

Fill in the name of this domain, complete the description and choose the order of the domain (when you're working with the FLOW-plan). You can add an image if wanted and click on 'Create' to finish. 

Next step to take: Create the courses you want to offer to your colleagues. 



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