How to use the calculate Result field


With the Calculate Result function you can make calculations from the result of your inserted d!nk elements.

When you open the Calculate Result function you can;

  1. Give your calculation a name
  2. Select the value you want to insert in your calculation
    1. The result of a d!nk element (ex. multiple choice, hotzone,...)
    2. Other value (a number)
  3. Choose the type of calculation (+, -, *, /)
  4. See and edit the formula of your calculation



In this example we have built a list of services that the customer can choose. Depending on the chosen services the customer will get an overview of the total amount of working hours and the total price.

To calculate the price for each customer indivdually, we have used the Calculate Result Function.


1. Insert d!nk elements

First we inserted the different services as multiple choice elements.

The customer can choose 'yes' or 'no'. When the customer chooses 'yes' the value will be the total amount of hours for this service (in this case 4 hours). When the customer chooses 'no' the value will be '0'.


2. Create calculation

In the summary we want to show the total price for each service the customer has chosen. If the customer selects "yes" he has to pay 4 hours * € 150. If the customer selects "no" he has to pay 0 hours * € 150.

Value A is referring to the multiple choise element created in step 1.


We made an extra calculation to know the total price of all chosen services. Because the services have different prices/hour we used this formula: (service A * €75 per hour) + (service B * €75 per hour) + (service C * €150 per hour).

In orde to create thiss formula with parentheses we used the "Advanced formula creation".



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