Graphical guidelines for creating PowerPoint publications


To ensure you get the best results on your tablet when creating your PowerPoint, we recommend using the Slide Size 4:3 & Maximize. Go to Design > Slide Size > 4:3

If you're creating a PowerPoint from full-screen images that you first designed in a graphical program like InDesign or Photoshop you need to follow this support article.


Next choose to Maximize the size of your content

Formats of content
  • Text
    We strongly recommend to provide the slides with separate text and not to include them in the graphics. This way, you manage the text from within the PowerPoint.

  • Videos
    All video files are supported in our plugin.
    However to respect the file size maximum of 120 MB, we advise to reduce video sizes to meet the requirements of mobile device. We recommend the free tool Handbrake to convert large videos to the MP4 format optimised for tablets.
  • Images
    All image files are supported in our plugin, but again: make sure you don't exceed the file size maximum due to the use of too large images.
    To insert full-screen images, make sure you have the right size: For iOS the 12.9 inch model has a 2732-by-2048 Retina Display at 264 pixels per inch, and the 9.7 inch model has a 2048-by-1536 Retina Display at 264 pixels per inch.
  • Animations
    Although we do not advise too many animations as they distract attention during sales meetings, we do support several animations.

As a note: 
When creating a presentation for iPad, make sure not to create a link on top of your slide that is smaller than 20 px.
The top bar on the device - containing date, hour, internet connection, battery status - can be invisible but will still lay above the publication, making it impossible to click on a link if it is not larger than this bar.

If your PowerPoint file size exceeds our 250 MB maximum, there are a few things you can do.

Next, insert links into your PowerPoint to add a tree-based navigation structure.

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