How to create your own customer qualification tool


In this example we will be create a customer qualification tool. This tool lets our sales colleagues qualify a customer or lead, based on several predefined values. 


In our example we will work with the SCOTSMAN principle: 

S - Solution: Do we have the right solution? Does the prospect bring only few objections?
C - Competition: Do we know the competition? Can we beat them?
O - Originality: Is our solution original enough?
T - Timing: The time plan has been discussed and agreed, is it realistic?
S - Size: Is the expected revenue big enough to justify the effort? 
M - Money: Is there a budget allocated to the project?
A - Authority: Is our contact the decision maker?
N - Need: Do we know the business problem? Have the objectives of the project been discussed?

Based on the outcome of these parameters, our lead/customer will be qualified.
On top of these parameters, our qualification tool needs to fulfill following requirements:

  1. Display the customer name when in session
  2. Score each parameter with a slider (YES or NO)
  3. Add comments on each parameter
  4. Display a total result of the customer
  5. Possibility of adding additional comments
  6. Generate a PDF of the form at the end

1. Display customer name when in session

We want to automatically display the customer name when we start our session.
Choose the 'Convert to value'-function and place it in your PowerPoint.

2. Score each parameter with a slider (YES or NO)

We will be using the slider function to answer our SCOTSMAN questions.
Insert the slider by pressing the 'Slider Rating Bar'-function.

Next, fill in the options.
- Define the slider Label (this will be used in our code later)
- Set the number of values on 2
- Display the value as 'No,Yes'

Continue doing this for all the sliders you need for each parameter. Make sure you change the labels for each slider.

3. Insert comment per qualification parameter

We'll insert open question fields for the comments. Make sure to select "Display as text area" to allow the text to run over multiple lines and to use 'enters'.

4. Calculate the qualification score

We want to display a total result of our qualification.

In order to convert the Yes and No of each criteria into a 1 and 0 that we can use for calculations, we'll insert Convertors.

We don't need to show the results for these convertors, so we'll position them outside of the visible canvas:

To calculate the result, we'll use the 'Calculate Result' function:

Select the fields and the sum formula:

5. We want the possibility of adding additional comment.

This will be done using the open question function, as we have done in step 3. to add the comment fields per parameter. 

Press the open question function:

Fill in the open question options:
- The question: "Additional comments"
- Survey Label & Excel label will be created automatically
- Select "Display as text area".

6. Generate a PDF of the form and automatically sync it to my CRM

Last but not least, we want to provide a submit button to do the following:

  1. Capture the data in a CSV / Excel sheet
  2. Generate a PDF as attachment in an email
  3. Sync the data to my CRM

Fill in the right options for these features:
- Check "Make transparent" this will give the opportunity to design a custom button
- Check "Generate PDF" to generate a PDF of our form as an attachment in an email.

You can pre-fill the fields below if you know the recipients and email content.

You can download the PowerPoint of this sales tool 


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