Insert (supported) animations in your PowerPoint


In our experience, sales presentations do not require - or even benefit from - advanced animations as they often distract the attention from the message itself. Still, basic animations can make your pitchbook visually more attractive.

These PowerPoint animations are all supported by the plugin:


For each animation, you can set the direction and duration. 

Whenever you would select an unsupported animation, the plugin will automatically convert it to the 'Fly In' animation. 
If you want to use one of the advanced animations that is not supported, you can always save the animation as a video. Check out here how that's done. 

We do not support any kind of transition animation or delay. 
For the speed of the animation we currently support 3 types:

  • Fast duration in PowerPoint is smaller or equal to 0.5 sec
  • Normal duration in PowerPoint is between 0.6 and 1.4 sec
  • Slow duration in PowerPoint is 1.5 sec or higher

Select 'With Previous' as the start moment of the application:


'On click' is not possible since that would be hard to perform on a tablet device. 


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