Build a video library


Creating a video library with the d!nk PowerPoint plugin is incredibly easy and only requires 2 functions that are already available in PowerPoint. This in combination with the d!nk algorithm makes a great video library on your tablet.

Start by inserting your videos in PowerPoint

Open a PowerPoint in the required size - Read the details

"Insert" > "Video" > "Video on My PC"

Note: Make sure your video isn't over our upload limit of 200 MB. You can resize it with free online tools - Read the details


Build a navigation with the d!nk PowerPoint Plugin

After you've inserted the videos in each slide, you can start building your navigation. We will be using the rectangle tool to design our own buttons.

Create the button and add the desired text: "Insert" > "Shapes" > "Rectangle"

Repeat this for all your videos and make the buttons available on all slides. You can also use a "Master Slide" with the navigation in it.

Add links to your buttons

Linking slides using our plugin is very easy. You just link from slide to slide as you would do in a 'regular' presentation.
More details about linking in PPT plugin can be found here.

Right click on the shape you want to link from > "Hyperlink" > "Place in this document" > "Slide x" (or select the button and hit Ctrl+k)

Repeat this for all the buttons. 

Some modifications

You can add extra details such as a darker color for each "active button", indicating that you're active on that slide.

Great! You now created a video library using the d!nk PowerPoint plugin so that you can now easily navigate from video to video.

Tip: You can also add a placeholder for each video - Discover how.


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