Getting Started with the d!nk app


Welcome to the d!nk app!

In this page we'll introduce you to the d!nk app and its powerful capabilities.

Who uses the app?

The salespeople and account managers in the field who are meeting customers are most likely to use the app. The d!nk app has also been used by support engineers and staff at exhibition booths.

What benefits do I get from using the d!nk app?

It is an easy way to stay up-to-date, have all your content in one place and to have interactions with your clients on a whole new level. Thanks to the d!nk Account Hub you're also able to engage with your customers beyond the meeting room and you won't have any more administration afterwards thanks to Customer Sessions (with or without CRM integration).

With d!nk Surveywonders, you get advanced insights in the responses to surveys included in the sales publications, be it a survey on a customer event, need mapping in a pitchbook or any other interactive elements.

Which devices are supported?

The d!nk app is compatible with common devices: browser, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, Android smartphone and Windows tablet.

Installation and log in to the app


Getting started

Once you've installed, you can start using the d!nk app. Now you can share information to your customer with the Account Hub. Go to Account Hub activity overview to get insight in your customers' activities on the Account Hubs. In case Account Hub is disabled for your enterprise, you can share documents from your app via e-mail.

In order to register the information shown to customers, you can open customer sessions (link to CRM).

Where is the content in the app coming from?

The marketing team or sales support team creates and manages the content that is shown in the app directly from the d!nk Portfolio Manager.

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