Create and manage your own Document Generator - Setup


The Document Generator can be used to create beautiful documents which can be sent to your customers on the spot - during your meeting, while still talking to them. 

When your sales reps are working with an interactive pitchbook that would benefit from this output document so that the results can be send straight away - avoiding administrative work afterwards and to use the momentum with your customer - you can get in touch with the d!nk support team to do it for you or as an enterprise admin you can create and manage your own templates:

STEP 1: Create a PandaDoc account

Go to and register for an account.
The 'Individual' plan is the most basic offer available and sufficient to connect with d!nk, to setup the Document Generator. 

STEP 2: Setup the connection between PandaDoc and d!nk

  1. Open the URL

  2. Go to 'My Applications'

  3. 'Create' a new application or click on an existing one

  4. In this application, go to 'Settings'


    Where you will find the:
      - Client ID
      - Client Secret
      - Redirect URI: Fill in at this stage. 
        Later in the process at item 8. you can overwrite this with the callback URL you will receive
        for authorization.

  5. To add the PandaDoc application as a d!nk Document Generator, go to the Portfolio Manager > 'Enterprise Settings' > 'Document Generator Settings' and click to 'Add document generator provider':


  6. The 'Provider Name' can be anything. In the other fields, fill in the 'Client ID' and 'Client Secret' from your PandaDoc Application, see item 4.


  7. After filling in these required fields, press the blue button at the bottom of the pop-up 'Create Provider'

  8. Now the next Tab in the pop-up 'Authorize provider' will open, where you can follow the instructions shown:


After completing the steps above, the setup is done. 
You can now create the customized output documents in PandaDoc and link them to the relevant publications in d!nk. Find out here how it's done.



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