Create and manage your own Document Generator - Output Document


The Document Generator can be used to create beautiful documents which can be sent to your customers on the spot - during your meeting, while still talking to them. 

When your sales reps are working with an interactive pitchbook that would benefit from this output document so that the results can be send straight away - avoiding administrative work afterwards and to use the momentum with your customer - you can get in touch with the d!nk support team to do it for you or the enterprise admin can create and manage your own templates:

Once you have setup the connection between your PandaDoc account and d!nk, you can now start creating the output documents. 

STEP 1: Create the output document in PandaDoc

  1. Go to the 'Templates'-menu in PandaDoc by opening this direct URL

  2. Click on the green button 'Create' at the right top > choose the first option 'Template'


    In the pop-up that appears you can start fresh by choosing 'Create a new template'


  3. Firstly, give the template a name at the left top. To now start working on the lay-out and input, you can drag and drop blocks from the right side of your screen to the blanc document in the middle:


  4. The text can be customized with the menu bar that appears on top: 


    To be able to mention interactive data from your .dink-file, you can create 'Tokens'. Work with the square brackets before and after the word you want to make a token from: [example]

    As soon as you continue to work in the document the token will be mentioned in yellow when it is successfully setup: 
    These tokens will be connected to the correct .dink-file elements in STEP 2, point 3.


STEP 2: Link the PandaDoc with the d!nk publication

  1. Go to the relevant publication and click on the dropdown arrow to 'Open document generator': 


  2. Click on the dropdown arrow in the 'Configuration list' to select an existing configuration or create a new configuration by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of the pop-up 'Create new configuration'. 


    When selecting an existing one, you can click on 'Update' to make changes where needed. 

    When creating a new configuration, follow the next steps:

  3. After clicking on 'Create new configuration' in the pop-up, the next tab will open: 'Create configuration'. At the top of the screen you can select the template you have created in PandaDoc.


    The interactive fields that you mentioned in the PandaDoc template will appear, so that you can link them to the relevant survey fields of your .dink-file. 

    Don't forget to fill in a 'Name' for this configuration and complete the 'Subject' and 'Message' for this template. 

    If no templates are shown in the dropdown, make sure everything is synced between PandaDoc and d!nk by going to the 'Enterprise Settings' > 'Document Generator Settings' > and there clicking on the 'Upload'-icon to import all created templates:


  4. When the configuration is exactly as you want it, click 'Save configuration' to finish. 
    If your colleagues will now use the interactive pitchbook out of the app and they click on the Submit-button, this template will be sent directly - with the input data from the customer.


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