How to use the Drag and Drop


With the Drag and Drop feature, you can move elements by literally dragging and dropping them during your presentation. It is a fun way to have the attendees participate while sharing their priorities or indicating the most relevant topics of your presentation at the start of the meeting.

When clicking on the Drag and Drop function, this pop-up will appear:

Where the following data needs to be completed:

  1. You can give the d!nk element a Title,
  2. Fill in the required Display Label, which will be used when you refer to this element in any other interactive d!nk feature,
  3. Fill in the names of the Drag Items,
  4. Fill in the names of the Drop Zones.

If you want to add more than 2 Drag Items or Drop Zones, you can click on the blue '+'.

For the style of the buttons that will be created after clicking on 'Create', you can choose the right colors via 'Tag Color'. 

Get inspired to use the Drag and Drop right here.





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