How to use the Drag and Drop


With the Drag and Drop feature, you can move elements by literally dragging and dropping them during your presentation. It is a fun way to have the attendees participate while sharing their priorities or indicating the most relevant topics of your presentation at the start of the meeting.

By combining this element with our 'Convertor', it is even possible to make it a test and give immediate feedback to inform whether or not the answers were dragged and dropped in the correct order. 

When clicking on the Drag and Drop function, this pop-up will appear:


  1. You can give the element a title or leave this field blank.

  2. The 'Display Label' is automatically filled in based on your title but can still be overwritten or filled in if you are not using the 'Tilte'-field. The label is used for additional programming in other d!nk elements. For example, if you want to calculate with the result of this question.
    The name of the label will also be used as a column name in the excel with your survey results.

  3. Create Drag Items by filling in the title fields. With the arrows, you can switch order.

  4. You can give the Drag Items different colors or fill in the fields with an image.

  5. Add as many Drag Items as you want with the blue +button.

  6. Choose the number of Drop Zones you want.

  7. Activate the 'Mandatory question'-checkbox if it is a required question. This will create an 'Input Validator', that appears on your slide after clicking the 'Create'-button. Put this validator on top of your submit button to check if the mandatory question is completed or not. The submit button will then only be clickable after filling in the required questions of this slide. 

  8. If you selected images for your Drag Items who speak for themselves, you might want to hide the Drag item names by activating this checkbox.

Result in the app


If you want some more inspiration on how to use this feature, tet inspired to use the Drag and Drop right here.



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