Demo presentation zooming in on Dynamic Flow, Image Slider, Drag & Drop, Lookup and Image scroll.


In our 'made up company' BebixFood we want to zoom in on some features to interact as much as possible with the meeting attendees, using these d!nk elements:

Dynamic Flow
When starting the presentation a dynamic drag and drop can be used to define which sections you want to talk about and in which order.

The d!nk element contains these settings:


With this slide as a result: 


Image Slider
When talking about the history of our company. We want to show the milestones in a fun way. By setting up the Slider Bar and using images with it, we can slide through the important company times and support the info with relating photos.

Firstly we create the Slider Bar with the years we want to highlight:


The values of this slider bar we can then convert to images:

Where we can select the relevant images:


And afterwards define the size the image should have with the white rectangle that is created on the slide: 


Drag & Drop
To keep the participants engaged in the meeting we want them to actively show their priorities. We created a drag & drop for a baby's needs they can place in the correct order.

After clicking on the Drag and Drop element a pop-up will appear, where you can name the Drag Items that you will see during the presentation. 


Lookup Input Value
For the dosage per day, depending on the weight of the baby we started with a table that contains the number of bottles and the quantity of each bottle. Underneath the table we want to easily display the relevant value on demand. To create this field, we started with some calculations outside the slide and created the Lookup Input Value based on them.

The Loopup Input Value element is setup with these parameters:


Image Scroll
During the presentation we would like to show our current campaigns. Because of the image size we use the Image Scroll to be able to show a very large image.


Download the presentation of BebixFood right here to check out the above elements and all of their details.



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