Combining the slider with (convert to) images


When making a playful presentation, you can not leave out the Image Slider.

The Image Slider will show images as you slide along. Plenty of options to use this feature for, but one example can be a trip down memory lane to go over the beginning and evolution of your company or product. 

After clicking on the 'Slider Rating Bar'-button:

A pop-up appears, where you can specify the setup of your slider bar (detailed information in this article) :

Once this is set up, you can convert your values into images via the button 'Convertors' - 'Convert to Image':

Where you can select the Display Label - that you have chosen when creating the Slider Bar before - in the 'Question'-field:

After selecting the relevant Question value, the values of your Slider Bar will appear and you can select the matching image to each value.

Result in the app


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