How to create a slider bar


You can create different types of surveys with the d!nk PowerPoint plugin by choosing one or combining multiple components of the 'Survey Creation'. In this tutorial we will explain how you can create a survey with the 'Slider Rating Bar' component:


Press the 'Slider Rating Bar'-button in the d!nk menu so that this pop-up appears:


  1. The title or question you want to show with the slider. It is not a required field so you can leave it blank as well.

  2. Choose the amount of sliders you want to display.

  3. The 'Display Label' is automatically based on your title but can still be overwritten or filled in if you are not using the 'Title'-field. The label is used for additional programming in other d!nk elements. For example if you want to calculate with the result of this question.

  4. If you want to work with your own designs of the slider icon, you can activate this checkbox and upload the images you want to use. 

    When ticking the box  'Image slider', additional options will appear: 


    So you can choose the images for the handler of the slider, the slider itself before using it and the slider itself while selecting a value. (If you don't want the appearance of the slider to change while sliding, you can upload identical images for these last two files.)
    Looking for inspiration? Get inspired right here

    Working with ranges is possible as well by activating the checkbox for it and have additional fields pop-up for you.

    When ticking the box 'Use Range', extra fields will show:mceclip1.png

  5. Define the setup of your slider by defining the 'Number of values', equal to the amount of options in your slider.

  6. How many 'Handle Value positions' do you want?

  7. The 'Displayed values' are the values each of your options has - this can both be numbers or text.

  8. Make the values transparent or set a gradient for your slider. 

  9. Connect the slider with Dynamic Value.

  10. If you don't want to see numbers for scoring, you can change the numbers to words in the tab "Advanced". Examples are: "Not important", "Important", "Very important". Make sure the 'Make Values Transparent' checkbox is activated. To show your text labels, add a "Fetch value"-element next to the slider.


    Slider with text labels filled in and 'Make values transparent' activated:

    Fetch value item, showing the text labels: 
Do not forget to create a submit button in your presentation in order to collect the data from the survey. Learn more here
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