How to build a Dynamic Flow


Make sure your sales people don't bore their customers with one-way linear presentations. The Dynamic Flow feature allows you to add a "launchpad" at the beginning of the presentation where topics of interest are selected and only these topics are presented.

Use Dynamic Flow in case your publication will be used as a presentation. When you have a publication that is more like a product catalogue, video library or study library you can use the Filter, to select pages based on selected criteria


To start building, there are 2 main steps to take into account.

You will firstly need to create sections in your PowerPoint, for structuring the topics of the Dynamic Flow. Here you can read about creating sections in Powerpoint. 

After creating the relevant sections, you can go to 'Advanced Linking' - 'Build Dynamic Presentation Flow':

Where the following pop-up will appear:

Select Checkbox when you want the selection to be made as checkboxes, and Drag & Drop when the selection is made by dragging the selected topics. 

Autostart means the selected topics (sections) will be available by simply swiping right, or select  Submit when you want a submit button to be available to confirm the selection.

Once you have selected the Drag & Drop or Checkbox option, more fields will become visible: 

Note: the "Drag Item Name" fields are only available in case of Drag&Drop

  • At the left you can select the sections you have created in your PowerPoint. 
  • At the right, you can give the Drag Items that will be created a name.
  • Hit the blue '+' if you need more than the default two foreseen Sections. 
  • As a last step, before clicking on 'Create', you need to specify the number of drop zones you want to use.

Now that you created the element, an additional slide will be created as the first slide of your presentation, in a new 'Dynamic Section'. Here you will find the drag and drop buttons/zones. By dragging the buttons in a specific order on to the drop zones, you will define the order of your presentation right there on the spot.

Get inspired to use the Dynamic Flow here.



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