Create a retro planning


With a retro planning you can easily show the phases and steps to take to implement your solution. 
It will give a clear overview of the deadlines that need to be respected in order to have a successful launch.


In our example we inserted an open question element with the date field option activated,
where our prospect can indicate the exact date they would like to have their launch:

In the schedule itself at the bottom, we implemented additional open questions to enter the number of days that will be needed to finish that step.

We have entered default values to indicate in general how long it takes to have the topics ready - but they can be overwritten if ever the customer already knows it will take longer or less time in their specific case:


These are open questions as well, with the option 'Allow only numbers' activated and a 'Default Answer' filled in: 


To do the counting backwards to every date for each specific step that will make the launch possible, we use the calculator.

This calculator subtracts the days starting from the entered launch date:


For all details per element, you can download the example PowerPoint here.


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