Upload a new version of a publication


When you have uploaded a publication but a new version is available you don't have to delete the current one and upload the new version. You can update your presentation straight away. 

Additional advantage, if you update the existing publication the 'Analytics' will continue and you'll have the option to see the statistics per version or for all versions together. 

You can go to your publications by clicking on 'Content' > 'Contents' in the top menu or by clicking on 'Contents' in the quick overview menu: 

If the publication title is exactly the same, you can drop the new version in the main drag & drop box to overwrite the existing version. The admin portal will recognize the title and ask you if you want to overwrite the existing file. 

Whenever there is a small difference in the naming, you can use the filters at the left side of your screen to search for the current publication.
In the overview of your publications you can then click on the 'New version'-button:

So that you can drag and drop your file immediately in the below field, or click in it to search for the relevant document.

Via the 'Upload status' you can follow the processing of your updated publication:

When the upload is finished the line will be green and the new version will be available for the users in their app.



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