Send campaign messages towards customers via existing Account Hubs


With the 'Campaign Messages', your sales can send a message towards their customers that you have created in the Portfolio Manager. 

For example: There is a customer event. Or maybe the pricing list that has been shared was updated and you want to inform the customer about it.

1. Create a message

To create a new message, login to the Portfolio Manager and click on 'Communication' in the top menu > option 'Campaign Messages':

When you click on '+ Create new campaign message', a pop-up will open where you firstly choose your user groups. 

Once step 1 is completed, you can click on 'Next' to create the campaign message:

  • choose your 'Message Title'
  • choose whether or not to publish it on top
  • add an external link if relevant
  • when the message should be sent out and if it should expire
  • add an image to your message

If wanted you can save the message as a draft so that you can always start from that template. 

If you would like to edit, duplicate, retire or delete an existing article, you can click on the dropdown next to the created campaign message:

When you choose to delete a message, it will completely be removed out of the account hubs and the Portfolio manager. When you retire the message it will stay available for you in the Portfolio Manager but will no longer be visible for the sales reps and customers.

2. Track the adoption

To the track the adoption you just click on the 'Statistics'-button in the message details:

You can then follow up how much the message was shared and visited.  



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