Inserting a multiple choice element


You can create different types of surveys with the d!nk PowerPoint plugin by choosing one or combining multiple components of the 'Survey Creation'.

In this tutorial we will explain how you can create a survey with the 'Multiple Choice' component:


After clicking on the component, a pop-up will appear where you can choose the details of the question you would like to create:


  1. Select the type of question you want to create:
    • Multiple option Checkboxes,
    • Single option checkboxes
    • Dropdown.

  2. Fill in the desired question or leave this field blank and create the question on your slide itself.

  3. The Display Label is automatically based on your question but can still be overwritten or filled in if you are not using the 'Question'-field.
    The label is used for additional programming in other d!nk elements. For example, if you want to calculate with the result of this question.
    The name of the label will also be used as a column name in the excel with your survey results.

  4. Add more possible answers with the '+' icon.

  5. Fill in the answers that can be chosen from.
    Additional options:
    • Add an open answer, for example: "Other: ______", by activating the checkbox in front of this answer.
    • Select an answer as default answer. This answer will automatically be selected by default in your app.
    • Rearrange the position of your answers by clicking the arrows at the left up and down
    • Delete an answer by pressing the "X"-button at the end - which will only appear once you have more than 2 possible answers.

  6. Activate the 'Mandatory question'-checkbox if it is a required question. This will create an 'Input validator', that appears on your slide after clicking the 'Create'-button.
    Put this validator on top of your submit button to check if the mandatory question is completed or not. The submit button will then only be clickable after filling in the required questions of this slide. You can find an example right here.

  7. Activate the 'multiple line input field'-checkbox if your answer has multiple lines of text.

  8. Connect the survey element with Dynamic Value.


  • For 'Single option checkboxes', you can select 'linked Survey' to link an answer to a certain slide in your PowerPoint. For example, Answering option A will bring the user to slide 5.
  • With the 'Dropdown' option, it is not possible to add open answers and linked surveys.
  • Do not forget to add a submit button in your presentation in order to collect the data from the survey. Learn more here.

Result in the app



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