How to create a slider in the d!nk PowerPoint plugin

Press the 'Slider Rating Bar'-button in the d!nk menu so that this pop-up appears:
  1. The title or question you want to be mentioned with the slider.

  2. The 'Label' is generated automatically from the 'Title' and can be used for additional programming in other d!nk elements, for example calculations.

  3. Choose the amount of sliders you want to display.

  4. Check the 'Mandatory'-box if it is a required question. This will make an 'Input validator' appear on your PowerPoint. Put this on top of your submit button to check if the mandatory question is completed or not. Discover how

  5. The 'Excel label' is the name of the question that you want to have in the Excel file that is generated from the results of the survey. Discover how you can generate a report from your survey in this article.

  6. Define the setup of your slider:
    - 'Number of values': The amount of options in your slider.
    - 'Handle Value positions'
    - 'Displayed values': the value each of your options has - this can both be numbers or text.

  7. Make the values transparent or set a gradient for your slider.

  8. Connect the slider with Dynamic Value.

  9. & 10. 'Advanced': if you don't want to see numbers for scoring, you can change the numbers to words in the tab "advanced". Examples are: "Not important", "Important",  "Very important". Make sure the "Make Values Transparent" checkbox is checked. To show your text labels, add a "Fetch value"-element next to the slider.

Discover more survey options:
- The basic survey options: 'Multiple choice', 'Dropdown' & 'Radio button'. Learn more
- A submit buttonDo not forget to create a submit button in your presentation in order to collect the data from the survey.
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