How to insert graphs


This function creates dynamic graphs based on input of other d!nk elements.

By using the dynamic graph you can create personalized graphs for your customer on the spot.

First create input fields where you will fill out the variables of the graph. You can use 'open question', 'multiple choice' and 'slider rating bar' to create these input fields.

Next insert the 'graph function'.




  1. Give your graph a name
  2. Choose the Chart Type (example below)
    1. Vertical Column
    2. Horizontal Column
    3. Pie Chart
    4. Spider/Radar Chart
  3. Create your variables by selecting the input fields you created in the previous step. You can add or delete your variables and change the color of each individual variable (Exception: for Spider/Radar Chart only 1 color can be assigned for all variables).
    You can also add a legend and set the legend name of your variables.


If you choose to use the Vertical Column or the Horizontal Column chart type, you can add axis labels.


For Spider/Radar Chart, you must add at least 3 variables. You also have the option here to include Axis Values. 

Please note the Spider/Radar Chart is not available in the Windows app. Spider-graph-options.png

This is what your result will look like in the app:


  1. Variable
  2. Legend
  3. Axis Label

 You can download the .ppt file of this example over here.

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