How to create a benefit simulator


In this example we will show you step by step how you can create a benefit simulator,
where you can fill in data from your specific (potential) customer:


So that the results differ, based on their input:



We want to create this simulator to prove the customer our benefits with real live data. For the customer's input, to navigate and to display the results, we use these interactive elements:

  • Open questions
  • Links
  • Calculations
  • Graphs

We created the entire flow with these steps:

1. Collect data with open questions


When creating this open question, we have selected the option 'Allow only numbers' to make sure we can use the field in our calculations later on. 

In case the customer doesn't have an answer to our question, we still want to show what we can do. Therefor we filled in a default answer, for example the national average. 


2. Insert links to view the results


We worked with arrow-buttons at the bottom of our slide so that we can go to the results with the highlighted button:


Once we are displaying the results, we also want to be able to go back to the 'values'-slide to change them if necessary. We have created an hyperlink on each 'result'-slide to be able to do that. We created a button for this, called 'Change Values':  


Which leads to the 'values'-slide: 


3. Calculation of the advantage


The date that we have gathered with our open questions can now be used in calculations. 

In case you only want to use the calculations for the display of a graph, it can be handy to know that you can put any d!nk element outside the slide so that it won’t be visible in the app but still do it's work for you.

We will hide one calculation,


with this formula and elements included.


And make the other calculation visible,


with this formula and elements included.


4. Display the results in graphs


The calculations that you created earlier, can be used as ‘variables’ of a graph:


5. Add calculations to give summarizing information


Next to the graphs we add up the total advantage that the customer will have with our solution. 


You can download the PowerPoint of this benefit simulator here.


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