How to create a Product Comparison Tool


With a Product Comparison Tool you can show the advantages of your product in a very visual attractive way. You can focus on one specific ingredient instead of showing a very detailed ingredient table.

In this article we will show you step by step how you can create a Product Comparison Tool that can lead to this as a result:


1. Create a dropdown

First we have created the dropdown with a list of ingredients.

Click on the 'Multiple Choice'-button and select 'Dropdown' in the top of the pop-up that appears. 


In the details of the element, we fill in all ingredients that can be chosen from: 


2. Convert the dropdown selection to another value

Define for Product A the values of the different ingredients.


Then add a second ‘Convert to Value’ to define the values of Product B.

To start creating the convertor, click on the relevant menu and choose 'Convert to Value' in the dropdown that appears: 


In the detail of the element you'll need to activate the option 'Question Label' so that you can select the 'Question Label' of the dropdown you have created earlier.
When activating the checkbox 'Convert results into text' you'll see additional fields appearing to complete the 'Converted Values' next to the 'Input Values' - for the numbers we want to display depending on the selection in the dropdown: 


3. Example

You can download the PowerPoint of this Product Comparison Tool here.


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