Getting started guide - Helicopter Tour of d!nk


The d!nk environment consists of different elements to be able to

  • feed the sales app,
  • work with it in the field or
  • to extract data for insights.

In this Helicopter Overview, you will find the different elements with an explanation on each one below the image.


The Portfolio Manager is the powerful administrator tool to manage all content, users and managers that are using the d!nk environment. The platform contains multiple useful features to make the sales interaction as effective as possible. Discover more...

Communications can be pushed out via the Portfolio Manager to send out relevant information to the right sales person in the field. Say goodbye to corporate newsletters, intranet and mail blasts. The newsfeeds, launch campaigns and notifications - tailored to each sales person’s need-to-know - keeps them up-to-date of best practices and must-know updates about customers, competitors and products. Discover More...

d!nk Analytics contain all the information that can give you insight in the actual usage of the sales publications. The statistics enable you to improve sales publications and coach your users. Discover more.

A powerful Sales App to engage with your customers. The d!nk SalesMatik app runs on iOS, Android and Windows 8/10 devices. Discover more...

The Account Hub is the best way to connect with your customer beyond the sales meeting. Simply share your content while using the app and the Account Hub will be created. Increase the sales interaction without administrative slack and getting buried in emails. Discover more...

The Content Factory enables you to create, distribute and manage your mobile sales tools in PowerPoint and push those to the tablets of your team! Easily install the SalesMatik plugin and use the additional functions in a drag-and-drop interface. Discover more...

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