How to create your opt-in form


In this example we will show you step by step how you can create an opt-in form that can lead to this as a result:


We want to create this form - so that when customers have signed this form, they will automatically receive a copy of the signed version - by inserting these interactive elements:

  1. Multiple choice question
  2. Automatic date
  3. Open question
  4. Signature 
  5. External link
  6. Submit


1. Collect data with 'Multiple choice'


Insert a multiple choice question to collect the data you need:


More info and all details about the creation of multiple choice questions, click here.

2. Fill out the date automatically


Fill out the current date on the form automatically by using the open question feature:


3. Collect data with an Open question 


Insert an open question to collect data of your customer. The email address that you collect here, can be used to send your PDF to (in topic 6.) 


More info and all details about the creation of open questions you can find right here.

4. Add a signature field


Let your customer sign your form by adding a signature field:


For more info and all details about the signature field, click here.

5. Add an external link


You can add a hyperlink to an external webpage with for example more information of the Data Protection Policy. It is also possible to add a link to a PDF document:


More info and all details about the type of links that are possible to insert, you can find here.

6. Save and send the form


To save the collected data, you can add a submit button.
In the menu of the Submit button you can choose to send an email with a generated PDF of the current slide. 
Fill out the label of the open question field 'email address' (of topic 3.) to send the email towards your customer:


For more info and all details about the submit button, click here.

You can download the PowerPoint of this opt-in form here.

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