How to create an opt-in form


In this example we will show you step by step how you can make an opt-in form. 

We created this form to get the consent of our customers for sending them newsletters. When customers have completed and signed the form they will automatically receive a copy of the signed version, and so will the sales rep that visited the customer. 


To create the form, we have inserted these interactive elements:

  1. Multiple choice question
  2. Automatic date field
  3. Open question
  4. Signature field
  5. External link
  6. Submit button

1. Collect data with 'Multiple choice'


You can insert a multiple choice question to collect the data you need. In this case to activate the newsletters that the customer wants to receive. 


2. Automatic date field


To complete our form we want to have today's date filled in. Since we already know it should be that date, we can create an open question and indicate straight away that the current date should be filled in by default.


3. Collect data with an 'Open question'


For the email address and name of our customer, we have added an open question field


4. Add a signature field


To make it official, we added a signature field


5. External link


For more details on our policy, we added an external link to our webpage. If wanted that can also be a link to a PDF with all relevant information.  


6. Save and send the form


To save all the collected date we added a submit button. In the settings of this button we have chosen to send an email with a generated PDF (screenshot of the current slide). To also send this PDF to our customer, you can select the relevant plugin element in the 'To' or 'CC' field. 


You can download the PowerPoint of this opt-in form example here


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