The Learning Management System for admins


The Learning Management System (LMS) is used by the Learning Manager / Enterprise Admin to create and manage all Learning Plans and give relevant access to the users. 


Go to and log in with your SalesMatik credentials
or open it via the Portfolio Manager by clicking on the Application Switcher > LMS: 


In the portal that opens, you'll arrive on the 'Dashboard'. With the menu at the left hand side, you can setup your custom learning environment by switching to:

  1. Learning Plans to create all Learning Plans with different Knowledge Domains and work with different modules and levels.
  2. Courses to create your own courses, for example: content to read, watch, do or test.
  3. Content to assign the publications to the relevant Courses and Knowledge Domains. 
  4. Learning Content that will bring you to the correct location inside the Portfolio Manager to add learning content.


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