How to create a dosage calculator


In this example we will show you step by step how you can create a dosage calculator that can lead to this as a result:

We created this calculator to guide our customers in offering the right amount of our product to their patients/clients, by inserting these interactive elements:

  • Hot zone
  • Open question
  • Multiple choice
  • Slider rating bar
  • Calculations


1. Select the relevant zone(s) with hot zone element

When clicking on the menu 'Select Hot Zone' this pop-up appears:


Where we enter the details of our first image and upload the image file.

2. Collect data with open questions

When creating this open question, we have selected the option 'Allow only numbers' to make sure we can use the field in our calculations later on. 

In case the customer doesn't have an answer to our question, we still want to show what we can do. Therefor we filled in a default answer already. 


3. Collect data using multiple choice

When creating this question, we need to make sure to give the answers a value. We will need these values to make our calculations further on.


4. Indicate the duration with a slider rating bar

For the slider we are going with the basics and only change the coloring in PowerPoint after creation.


4. Calculation of the result

Before we can succesfully calculate all of the data we have gathered, we need to

  • give the different zones from the ‘hot zone’-element a value using ‘Convert to Value’,


  • put this element outside the slide so that it won’t be visible in the app for the users and customers


Now we can collect and calculate with our elements in the 'Calculator' by selecting the relevant elements and choosing the mathematical action


When activating the 'Advanced formula creation' at the bottom, you can insert brackets or syntaxes.

You can download the PowerPoint of this dosage calculator here.


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