The PowerPoint plugin explained


After you've installed the PowerPoint plugin, you will see a new tab appear in your PowerPoint: SalesMatik. If not, please check out this support article.

This new toolbar contains all functionalities to make interactive tablet publications beyond the PowerPoint capabilities. You can read about the PowerPoint multimedia functions and all our interactive functions in detailed tutorials.

Section BUILD

  • Create: Build your interactive publication & push it to the tablets. Discover more


  • Multiple choice: Create interactive surveys, order forms & much more. Discover more
  • Slider Rating bar: Easily add advanced sliders to your presentation. Discover more
  • Open Question: Add an open question or form to your presentation. Discover more
  • Select hot zone: Add clickable & trackable hot zones to your images. Discover more
  • Drag and Drop: Move elements in your prestation between zones. Discover more
  • Digital Signature: Add a sign form to your presentation. Discover more


  • Image Scroll: Display a larger image without taking over the entire slide. Discover more.
  • Advanced Linking: 
  • Convertors: 
  • Calculate Result: calculations based on input elements. Discover more
  • Submit Button: Gather the collected answers from surveys & forms. Discover more
  • Send Email: Create contact forms, registration forms or other with ease. Discover more
  • Graph: create graphs based on input or calculations. Discover more

Section EDIT

  • Edit Element: Select a created element and edit the properties.


  • General options: Set the aspect ratio right, show links (and bad links).  Discover more

Section HELP


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