Step-by-step introduction to create interactive pitchbooks


In this article we want to guide you from zero to d!nk superhero in these 6 steps:

First things first, via this link you can install the PowerPoint plugin.

Before jumping completely excited into all of the plugin possibilities, we advise you to take a look at our graphical guidelines and how to activate the responsive design so that your presentations can shine like a diamond on all different screen sizes.

Ready with step 1 and 2? On your mark, get set, GO... and turn your presentations into pitchbooks by adding navigation, PDF documents, videos and zoom popup pages

We've created a tutorial to show you the basics on how to create a pitchbook.

You can use these basic functionalities to show a step-by-step process in a visual way and lift up your presentation by using animations - with moderation of course.
Working with videos makes it all even more sassy. You can even build a video library.

Now it's time to pimp your presentation and turn it into a true pitchbook-experience with the interactive elements of the plugin:  

  • Add an image slider to show the progress in time or the different steps
  • Insert a large image that can be scrolled with the image scroll
  • The dynamic flow can let your users decide on the spot what topics to present

Your turn now, look at the example we made to show you how you can use the above features. 

We promised you interactivity... here you go!

Interactivity is all about asking questions and letting your customers speak during a sales meeting. To drive interactivity, insert questions with the plugin elements. We have different attractive formats to ask for input or feedback: Dropdowns, Multiple choice, Slider, Open Question, Drag & Drop, Select hot zones, Lookup values

We have a few examples that show what you can do with these interactive elements:

Wanna go even more advanced with interactivity? With the Calculator you can make an advanced sales tool that will change the way sales people engage with customers. Add Graphs for further visualisation of the results. 



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