d!nk just keeps getting better


We continuously bring new updates to the d!nk platform. Check this page regularly to make sure you don't miss out. You can find the detailed contents of the bi-weekly releases in our release notes.

Update SalesMatik PowerPoint Plugin: Auto-translate 
Release September 22, 2020 

Let’s not make 2020 the year of Covid-19 only... During those long and boring lockdown days, we at d!nk wallowed ourselves in a develop-test-repeat modus. As a result, we now have a brand-new version of our SalesMatik PowerPoint Plugin ready. 

On top of improving the existing functionalities and their flexibility, we have added one major new feature: Translate

As of today you can easily auto-translate all your presentations in our latest plugin, taking into account your company dictionary. 


Update Analytics
Release January 20, 2020

After a lot of hard work, we are proud to release an update of our Analytics. Giving our customers even better tools to

  • Drive the user adoption with a 5-category funnel to check in one view where most of the colleagues are situate. From inactive to regularly sharing documents with the Account Hub.
  • Monitor the content usage:
    How is the publication used?
    Are all users synced with the latest version?
    Are there any unused slides? 
  • Coach all users:
    When is the app being used?
    What is the most used content for a specific user?
    Is he/she working with the Account Hub and sharing campaign messages? 
  • Continuously improve publications
  • Check the impact of sent messages:
    How many colleagues have read the news message in the app?
    Are they sharing your campaign messages and reading the launch mails you have sent them?
  • Export data to Excel

New app updates available
Release November 18, 2019

A new app version is available for iOS (4.1.6), Android and Windows (4.1.4) with following features and improvements

  • Message templates the admins have setup for the Account Hubs can now be previewed in the selected language by the sales reps before sending out their message.
  • For the Android and iOS phone app, their now is a button available to call up the toolbar - helping out users to make it easier to open the menu.
  • The favorites button is now also available inside a publication. No need to close it first before adding it.
  • Direct access to your personal statistics out of the app.  
  • Stabilisation and bug fixes

Update Content Factory: new plugin features, ready to use!
Release October 29, 2019 

At d!nk we worked very hard on some new PowerPoint plugin features our customers asked for.
As from today you can play around with these
new features in our latest plugin:

  • Convert to Link
  • Line Graph
  • Image Slider

How can you use it?

You can create more fun and interactivity in meetings, using these options as you go. 

  • With the Convert to Link a customized scenario can be presented, depending on the input from your customer.
  • Want to display data with a chart? Now it is possible to display them with a Line Graph as well.
  • Use the Image Slider to personalize your sliders from A to Z.

New app updates available
Release June 21, 2019

New app version 4.1.0 is available for iOS, Android and Windows with following features and improvements

  • Homepage buttons to easily lead your sales colleagues to another app 
  • Possibility to select the language of your contact when sending an Account Hub
  • Stabilisation and bug fixes

Launch and landing complete: our new portfolio manager
Release March 25, 2019

The time has come! Our new Portfolio Manager has landed. That’s one small step for our d!nk superheros, one giant leap for d!nk. At d!nk, we don’t ‘just innovate’. We evolve and create solutions because we know that you will benefit. Because when we grow, we want you to grow with us.

Manage, monitor and communicate

We did our best to make the new Portfolio Manager very easy to use and when taking a closer look you’ll notice we drastically simplified the management of your content, your users and communication.

What has been changed?

  1. Streamlined content & user management
  2. Controlled account activation in the Account Hub
  3. Smooth & swift communication to users

Our new Portfolio Manager: Better, faster, stronger

As we speak, our new Portfolio Manager is live. This Portfolio Manager 3.0 version allows your team to work easier, faster and better. Through advanced options, notifications and messages, but mostly because of the usability optimizations, fully adapted to what you need today.

Get to know our New Portfolio Manager now and discover the leap we took for you.

Update Content Factory: new plugin features, ready to use!
Release December 20, 2018

At d!nk we worked very hard on some new PowerPoint plugin features our customers asked for. As from today you can play around with these new features in our latest plugin:

  • Drag & Drop
  • Dynamic Presentation Flow
  • Filter
  • Lookup Input Values
  • Image Scroll
  • Slider Rating Bar

How can you use it?

You can create more fun and interactivity in meetings, using these options as you go.

  • With the Drag & Drop you can prioritize in a playful way.
  • When using the Dynamic Presentation Flow, the order and length of a meeting can be chosen on the spot, showing only relevant topics.
  • Filter out products, based on several criteria to only continue with the applicable ones.
  • With the Lookup Input Values different scenarios can be clearly presented.
  • Use the Image Scroll for a large picture, without ruining the flow of your presentation.
  • In for a nice trip down memory lane? Use the Slider Rating Bar.

Get inspired

Check our demo presentation right here.

d!nk browser app: use d!nk on any device
Release November 23, 2018

As from today, you can also use d!nk in your browser as a web app.

The d!nk browser app is platform independent and does not need any installation. If you have an internet connection, you can login on any device.



What the d!nk browser app will bring you:

  • All of your content is available in the web app
  • The web app is always up to date so no updates are needed for an optimal performance
  • Includes the advanced d!nk functionalities like the account hub and the learning app
  • All users will always have access to the latest sales tools

The greatness of it all:

  • When sitting at your desk, you can login on whatever device you were already working with
  • During an online sales meeting you can easily share your screen with your customers
  • The Marketing team can use the webapp to do a quick test, while creating publications
  • No time wasted while waiting for any new devices to be setup

Discover More...

New app updates available
Release September 18, 2018

New versions of the d!nk app are available for iOS (3.2.8) and Windows app (2.2.9) with minor improvements and bugfixess. The iOS app has been tested to be compatible with iOS12 (released september 16 2018).

New PPT plug-in update: SpiderChart & bug fixes
Release July 20, 2018

We introduced an additional graph type to visualise calculation results in your publications. You could already use bar charts and pie charts, and now also the spiderchart (aka radar chart) is available. Discover More…


New app updates available
Release July 16, 2018

New versions of the d!NK app are available for Windows (2.2.8), iOS ( & Android (2.3.5) with following improvements:

  • iOS: Option added to select an alternative email application
  • iOS: CRM App is now available for iPhone
  • Windows: your users can now upload their image
  • Android: bugfixes and general improvements

New app updates available
Release April 19, 2018

New app version is available (iOS app 3.2.6, Windows app 2.2.7, Android app 2.3.4) with following minor improvements

  • Aser access to statistics: in the d!nk app, users see the analytics of their interactions. Discover More...
  • Account Hub sharing option open or secure only shows the option selected by the administrator
  • Stabilisation and bug fixes

New update available: Content Factory 2.0
Release March 05, 2018

The most important part of d!nk are the sales tools: pitchbooks, calculators, forms created with the d!nk powerpoint plugin and distributed in the d!nk apps. We have worked hard in the last 18 months to bring you a total make-over of the engine powering the interactive publications. We have upgraded the web-technology behind the interactive publications to state-of-the art framework (Angular4 for the techno aficionado). You will see the publications are not only smoother but also the interactive elements are more modern.

Additionally, we have introduced great new functionality to further create impactful sales tools with the d!nk powerpoint plugin:

  • Calculator and convertor: use customer input to calculate benefits, savings, test results and other powerful sales tools. Discover more.
  • Send mail with pre-formatted text straight from the publication. Discover more.
  • Graph: create graphs based on input or calculations. Discover more.
  • Responsive background: if your sales people use devices with different screen sizes (for instance iPad 4:3 and Surface 3:2) you can now create 1 powerpoint that will be compatible with both devices - without black borders. Discover more.
  • Animations: a wide range of animations of powerpoint, including some very exotic animations, is now supported in in the d!nk app. Discover more.

With this make-over we also made it possible to share .dink presentations in the Account Hub.

We invite you to join the onboarding sessions on the new Content Factory and discover the great possibililities these new features bring to d!nk and to your sales tools.

We will be adding more powerful interactive elements in the coming months to further enable interactive sales processes.

New update available: Account Hub 1.2.2
Release March 05, 2018

We've made some great improvements to the Account Hub for customers, enterprise managers and users (typically sales reps that create Account Hubs for customers):

The customers use the Account Hub for viewing sales documents shared by their account manager. Customers will discover an upgraded PDF viewer.

New features for the Enterprise Manager. Discover More...

  1. Enterprise control over the login to the Account Hub: set your preference "Secure login" or "Open login" in the Account Hub settings.
  2. Central mailbox: for compliance reasons, a general email address can be added that will receive a copy of all Account Hub messages sent out.
  3. Set the link with additional information that is displayed on the login page.
  4. The link to the Terms when user provides consent can now point at an external website, for instance the Terms on your corporate website.
  5. You can link grow.dink.eu to another domain. Discover More...

Improved control over the messages sent to the Account Hub users about Account Hub activity. Discover More...

  1. Account Hub users can set the frequency of the alerts about visits and shares of account hubs. 
  2. Daily Digest: Account Hub users  will receive a daily overview of all the activity in the Account Hubs (visits, shares)

New update available: Security update for GDPR
Release January 5, 2018

d!nk is getting ready for GDPR. We have made substantial upgrades to the d!nk system to be compliant to the upcoming data protection regulation. More information in the security and privacy statement.

The latest app releases (iOS 3.2.5, Windows 2.2.5, Android 2.3.3) contain security and privacy features required for GDPR compliance:

  • Strong password policy and lockout of app when too many wrong password attemps. Discover More...
  • Secure communication between the app and the d!nk system (SSL pinning).
  • Encryption: the content on the d!nk system is encrypted and can only be opened in the d!nk app. 

New update available: Self-registry function in iOS App
Release November 16, 2017 

For multi-country roll-outs, new users are registring on a daily basis. To automate the registration of new users, you can use the self-registry feature.

With the self-registry function users can now self-register in the iOS app. Users choose their region and business group and automatically will get access to the assigned kiosks and publications.

Find more information here.

New updates available: Portfolio Manager & update d!nk App
Release September 21, 2017 

Managing your content has become more easy. You can now adjust the content that the sales reps are seeing even better to what they need.

  • Languages: Set the language of the app to only display the publications in the language of the sales person. Discover more...
  • Business Groups: When your enterprise has stand-alone business groups that are independently managed, it makes sense to set up Business Groups. Discover more...
  • Regions & Countries: Use regions to only display the publications valid in the region of the sales person.Discover more...
  • Subkiosks: Create subkiosks to create an extra subdivision in your kiosks and organise your publications more efficiently. Discover more...

To use these features you will need the latest d!nk App versions (iOS 3.2.3, Windows 2.2.4, Android 2.3)

New updates available: NEWSHUB
Release August 30, 2017

An improved Newshub is ready for use in d!nk. With the newshub channel you can communicate easily and directly with your d!nk users.

  • Newsfeed: Post company news messages on the start page of the d!nk App. Discover more.
  • Launch Panel: Launch sales campaigns and track the adoption of the supporting sales tools. Discover more.
  • System Alerts: Select which persons in your organisation should receive messages about d!nk. Discover more.

New updates available: Android

Release June 2, 2017

From now on you can use a complete new version of the d!nk app on Android. Download the d!nk app for Android here.

This new app release makes it possible to use the d!nk app on any mobile device of your choice. You can use the app on Android in the exact same way as the app on iOS or Windows. This means you can;

  • open content
  • create customer sessions
  • use the Account Hub to share information with your customer on the spot
  • see the results of your surveys with Surveywonders

Find here all the information about using the d!nk app on Android;

Intermediate app release

Release April 19, 2017

This intermediate release (iPad/iPhone app 3.2.2; and Windows app 2.2.2) brings you new features to further improve usability of the apps:

  • Create account hub with coded link: you can now choose to send an Account Hub via secure login or with a coded link
  • Add expiry to publications shared in Account Hub
  • Improved languages handling: you can now set the app to display more than 1 language. Discover more... 

Especially for the  Windows app, we have greatly improved the navigation. All the navigation in the homepage and the kiosks is now from icons on the page instead of the toolbars.

Account Hub update
Release March 18, 2017

We've further improved the functionality of the Account Hub:

  • Customise the invitation mails and other messages sent about the shared Account Hub to your corporate style: Discover More...
  • Create an 'open' Account Hub without login:  Discover More...
  • Add an expiry date to an Account Hub:  Discover More...

Intermediate app release

Release January 30, 2017

This intermediate app release (iPad/iPhone app 3.2.1; and Windows app 2.2.1) brings you new features to further improve usability of the app:

  • Share documents: you can now choose to share publications via email, using the Account Hub, or choose to disable or enable both options
  • The newsfeed now also contains links to publications

Portfolio Manager updates
Release December 22, 2016

On the brink of the new year, we are happy to release some major features in the Portfolio Manager

1. Languages

We have further enhanced the Portfolio Manager to handle multi-language configurations. You can now set
a default language for new publications, and change the language for each publication.
Users can select their language(s) in the app to display only the publications in their language. Discover More...

2. Newsfeed

We've added two new features to the newsfeed editor:

  • Announce new publications and include a direct link to the publication
  • Drag & drop images into a message

Discover More...

3. Get rid of paperwork with Fillable PDF

d!nk now supports "Fillable PDF", a great way to quickly create order forms or other documents that require user input. Discover More...

4. Extended enterprise settings

We added advanced privacy settings to the d!nk system (User consent, Account Hub consent, restrict user data collection). Configure those settings in the enterprise settings. Discover More...

5. Weblink publications via Drive sync

You can now create weblink publications via the synced Drive folders. Discover More...

6. Export content of kiosks to spreadsheet

Are you looking for an overview of the content of your sales libraries? We've included a handy export of an overview of kiosks and publications to excel. Discover More... 

New PPT plugin available
Release November 15, 2016

As from today, a new version of the d!nk PowerPoint plugin is available. You an automatically install the update by going to "check for updates" in the Help section of the plugin, or download the new plugin on www.dink.eu/download
This version further extends the functionality of the powerpoint plugin to create sales tools:

  • Digital Signature can now be made a mandatory field.
  • Submit button with more options
    • Save to Google Drive folder
    • Send via mail
    • Merge with prefix/suffix
    • Generated PDF of current slide
    • Send e-mail on submit
  • Sliders
    • Create a gradient
    • Add text labels to your single slider reating bars instead of numbers
  • Hotzone
    • Transparent colors for both selected and unselected element in Hotzone

New iOS app version 3.2 available in the AppStore
Release November 4, 2016

As from today, a new version of the iOS app is available in the Appstore. 

This version contains new features to further improve usability of the app:

  • User consent: It is now possible to request users to agree to the terms and conditions. This feature is to be activated in the Portfolio Manager. Discover more...
  • Navigating between publications is now more easy than ever with the improved 'history function': you will now see a thumbnail of the publication when tapping the history icon in the publication toolbar. Discover more...
  • Sending out Account Hub has been made easier by enabling new documents to be added to an existing account hub and to create multiple account hubs in one go. Discover more...
  • We brought together all the settings in one convenient screen: set your language, set your first name and last name for personalised communications to customers about Account Hub and set your default Account Hub invitation message.

New version of Account Hub

Release October 18, 2016

Since the first version of Account Hub was launched just 6 months ago, we have received great feedback on how to make the sharing of information with customers even more smooth.

Here's what we have implemented in this release 1.1:

1. Account Hub

  • Customer Consent when customers log into the Account Hub for the first time, Discover More... 
  • Contact your account manager: customers can now send an email message straight from the account hub and start the conversation

2. Additional Account Hub admin functions (manage the account hubs a user aka sale person created):

  • get notified of updated publications: when publications are updated, users get a notifications and can decide if they send the update to the customers that have this updated publication in Account Hub.
  • Change email address of customer
  • Re-send the Account Hub invitation
  • Disable an Account Hub
  • Overview of each page viewed by your customer, including page thumbnail.

     Discover more...

3. Manage the Account Hubs: we introduce the role of Account Hub Manager:

  • Share Account Hubs to other users, for instance a sales person goes on holidays
  • Transfer Account hubs to other user, for instance a sales person leaves the company
  • Delete inactive Account Hubs

     Discover more...

4. Account Hub invitations and activity alerts: we greatly improved the formatting of the messages 

  • Daily digest mail summarising all visits and shares
  • when creating the first account hub in the app, users are requested to add their first name and last name for personalised email
  • Send Account Hub to multiple customers will create an Account Hub for each customer
  • The link to the Account Hub contains enterprise name
  • The 'from' address in the invitation mail to the customer is the user address

 Windows app available in the Windows Store
Release September 28, 2016

The Windows app version 2.2 contains new advanced functionality:

  • Integration with CRM. Out-of-the box integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013/2016 is now available straight from the Customer Function. Discover more....
  • Deployment of the d!nk Windows app in corporate environment: through whitelisting and proxy authentication, the d!nk app can now be easier deployed in corporate environments (warning: this is fairly technical stuff). Discover More....
  • Weblink publications: always have the up-to-date link to newsletters or other webpages inside the app. Discover more....
  • Improved search: for large libraries of PDF documents, you can now search on the content of the PDFs in a kiosk. Discover More....
  • History function: jump back and forward to publications that are open within your app during your sales conversations. Discover more....
  • Create your own password: forgot your password after a long holiday? Or do you want to choose a password yourself that you can remember better? Discover more....

Detailed user sync reports included in d!nk Analytics

Release September 12, 2016

The d!nk Analytics have been extended with detailed reports on the use sync status, which provides an overview on which publications are downloaded to the app of users:

New iOS app version 3.1 available in the AppStore

Release August 18, 2016

As from today, a new version of the iOS app is available in the Appstore. 

This new version includes a major update of the Customer function:

  • Prepare sesssion: Select a customer and add the right publications for you next session. Discover more ...
  • Improved search on customers. Discover more ...
  • Integration with CRM. Out-of-the box integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013/2016 is now available straight from the Customer Function. Discover more....

 We also improved the app with following great features:

  • Weblink publications: always have the up-to-date link to newsletters or other webpages inside the app. Discover more....
  • Show publications in your language: when multiple language versions are available of the same publications, you can now select your language for the app, and you will only see the versions in your language.  Discover More....
  • Account Hub: when sending out an Account Hub you can now add a standard text for the message. Discover more....

d!nk Communication Center

Release August 2, 2016

The Newsfeed was already part of the the new d!nk sales app. We have now added more communication features to make for a full-fledged Communication Center allows to communicate with users in the field, launch sales campaigns and receive critical system alerts.

Discover More....

Surveywonders bring survey results to your fingertips

Release July 13, 2016

Interactivity is what makes the d!nk app stand out. We firmly believe a customer meeting without collecting customer feedback is a missed opportunity. With the d!nk Powerpoint plugin it is very easy to insert customer feedback elements in sales publications. Up to now, the results of these survey elements could only be exported from the d!nk Portfolio Manager in data formats and visualised and analysed in Excel.

The new Surveywonders Analytics gives you instant visualisation of the collected results and the tools to make advanced analysis of the data by filtering and cross-referencing data. You can download the advanced visualisations of your collected customer interaction results as a powerpoint file, and spread the customer insights you gathered into your organisation.

For app users, Surveywonders are accessible inside the app. Discover More....

Administrators get a full view on all results collected as part of the d!nk Analytics. Discover More....

Document Generator: seamless follow up of customer meetings

Release May 24, 2016

We are proud to announce another great feature to be aded the d!nk platform.

You can use the document generator to create beautiful documents to send to your customers on the spot.

For example

  1. you're using a calculator, order form, survey or another publication (created with the PowerPoint plugin) in the app. 
  2. Instead of making a printscreen of the answers given by your customer or writing everything down on a piece of paper, you can now send a document (offer, summary, simulation) with the results straight away and avoid administrative work afterwards. 
  3. The output (read: results/responses) can be send immediately to yourself and the customer in a template that you've chosen. You can even add your logo, page numbering, legal notices and choose what values should be displayed based on the input from the customer.

Sounds magical, doesn't? Read all about it...

d!nk PowerPoint Plugin: advanced navigation functions
Release April 30, 2016

In order to create sales pitchbooks with navigation structure, d!nk uses the capabilities of PowerPoint to insert links to other pages and external documents.

Check out those 2 new features to take the navigation to a next level:

  1. When inserting a link to a PDF document with frequent updates, you do not need to upload a new powerpoint. Just add a link to the PDF on the Drive folder, and d!nk will scan if a new version is available and push the new PDF to all users' apps. Discover More....
  2. Powerpoint has a hidden "action" function for advanced navigation. We use this action to link to "last page visited", which is particularly handy when a slide is references by many other slides. Discover More....

Portfolio Manager: new features
Release April 12, 2016

We've added some nice features to enhance the management of publications:

  1. Weblink publications open a webpage in the in-app browser: Discover More...
  2. You can now set an expiry date to publications: Discover More...
  3. you can define multiple language versions for publications to enable users to only see the publications in their language: Discover More....
  4. An additional publication setting allows you to disable the thumbnails: Discover More....
  5. You can now set the 'allow to be emailed' and "allow add to account hub" for PDF documents on kiosk level, so that all new publications in a kiosk will automatically take the kiosk setting.
  6. In case you want to apply a specific design to all interactive publications, you can now attach a CSS file with your styling of the d!nk elements (buttons, sliders): Discover More...

iPad app Makeover: version 3.0 available in AppStore
Release March 13, 2015

We are happy to announce the new d!nk sales app. A great improvement in both features as design and usability.For this app update we redesigned the app bottom-up and added a lot of useful sales features. But most of all, we’ve put the focus on connecting the whole sales process.  We wanted to build the best mobile sales app available. And we got pretty close..Why you’ll be loving the new d!nk sales app:
  1. Beautiful design: A clean and beautiful design that will make you want to use the app whenever you can and accelerate your sales performance from day one.Did we tell you that you can customize the colors to fit your company’s design guide?
  2. Newsfeed: Sales people are on the road, disconnected from the actions and knowledge in the office. The Newsfeed keeps the sales force up-to-date of important news and company knowledge. Forget the email sludge or administrative ping-pong. Important sales news is now right at your fingertips. 
    Dashboard of the new d!nk sales app
  3. Improved navigation: A new way of navigating your way to close the deal faster! We introduct a sales dashboard, something that has never been done before! Customize the look and feel straight from the admin to match your preferences!
  4. Show latest or recent opened publications or documents and even tag your most important tools as “key publications” and make the permanent visible in the dashboard. The library of 2nd-level documents and sales tools is available in the familiar kiosks. Ready to sell more with our newest sales app?
  5. Account Hub: Go beyond the sales meeting. While engaging with prospects and customers during the sales meeting, you set up a Account Hub with jointly created sales information (benefit simulation, indicative offer,…) and other relevant sales documentation.
    The d!nk Account Hub is the meeting point between sales and the customer for driving the sale and maintaining the account relationship. Discover More...

d!nk content factory upgrade: Powerpoint Plugin version 2 released

Release February 14, 2015

The d!nk powerpoint plugin is the d!nk add-on for PowerPoint that enables anyone to build and launch interactive visuals from PowerPoint to the tablets of the sales team.In this release we have not only simplified the screens but also added great functions to create even more powerful sales tools:
  1. Digital Signature: insert a screen signature and send of a PDF of the screen
  2. Refresh function: reload the publication to set all values to zero and restart the statistics
  3. export to the screenresolution of the tablets in your organisation
You just download and install the plugin from the d!nk website and an extra tab will be available in your PowerPoint. Now you’re ready to build your own mobile tools!Plugin toolbar - standard versionDiscover the new d!nk powerpoint plugin... 

The d!nk app is now available on iPhone!

Release January 27, 2016

Managing the relationship with your customers is about making them smarter. Make sure that your customers have up-to-date information on your products at their fingertips. That’s why we’ve developed the d!nk iPhone app.The beautifully designed d!nk iPhone app helps you out when you need that sales document on the fly. Get out your smartphone, and in a few taps you see the right, up to date document. Highlight the key messages and send out documents for immediate follow up and leave that smooth impression as you dash off to your next customer!You can also use the iPhone app for making information available in the hands of your customers. Make your customers smarter with direct access to up-to-date product and commercial information.Discover the d!nk iPhone app...

Use email to publish new versions of publications
Release December 14, 2015

We as a sales tech company take customer intimacy very seriously. And that’s why we come up with features that are not only easy to use but essential for an effective sales interaction or creation.

The email publisher function enables any manager to update documents by simply mailing them to our support email address. You don’t need any integration, or install any app. Discover More....

iPad app version 2.7 available in AppStore
Release September 20, 2015

The updated app contains new features that will drastically improve the efficiency of your sales interactions:

  • PDF annotations: highlight text, add text and drawings to PDF documents and mail the annotated document. Discover More...
  • Improved search: for large libraries of PDF documents, you can now search on the content of the PDFs in a kiosk. Discover More...
  • Favourite kiosk function: Manage your favourite content in your personal kiosk. Discover More ...


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